recount2 datasets for cola analysis

In this collection, cola analysis was applied to 223 recount2 datasets. Click following link to see how the data was processed and analyzed.

Data processing and analysis

Recount datasets were downloaded from recount2 websiteon November 13, 2018 (see the sample list here). Datasets with more than 500 samples or less than 50 samples were removed. Also GTEx and TCGA datasets separated by tissues were downloaded. Row counts were normamlized by TPM method. Only the protein coding genes (defined by Gencode v25) were used. Genes that have less than 2 reads in more than 50% samples were removed. log2(tpm + 1) were used for cola analysis.

The analysis were done with cola 1.3.2. Users need to use R with version >= 3.6.0 to read the *.rds files provided in the following table.

ID Title (click for cola report) Samples Features File
DRP000987 Interactive Transcriptome Analysis of Malaria Patients and Infecting Plasmodium falciparum in Indonesia 121 58037 rds_file
DRP001358 Single cell analysis of lung adenocarcinoma cell lines and the response to an anti-cancer drug stimulation 336 58037 rds_file
DRP001797 producing reference epigenomes of human gastrointestinal epithelial cells, vascular endothelial cells, and cells of reproductive organs 322 58037 rds_file
DRP002435 Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of the cell cycle 469 58037 rds_file
DRP002586 Single cell analysis of lung adenocarcinoma cell lines and the response to an anti-cancer drug stimulation 254 58037 rds_file
ERP001908 CIT VADS BW OMICS 62 58037 rds_file
ERP003613 HPA RNA-seq normal tissues 169 58037 rds_file
ERP003917 Identification of putative target genes of the transcription factor RUNX2 101 58037 rds_file
ERP004375 Cellular phenotyping of host pathogen interactions 194 58037 rds_file
ERP005641 Establishment in Culture of Mouse Expanded Potential Stem Cells 253 58037 rds_file
ERP005938 RNAseq of matched normal epithelium, oral dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma using strand-specific methods that capture both coding and non-coding genes 52 58037 rds_file
ERP006077 Heterogeneity in the inter-tumor transcriptome of high risk prostate cancer 85 58037 rds_file
ERP007111 HipSci RNAseq healthy volunteers 133 58037 rds_file
ERP007185 RNAseq of matched normal epithelium, oral dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma using strand-specific methods that capture both coding and non-coding genes 57 58037 rds_file
ERP008608 RNA-Seq analysis of human fibroblasts, induced neurons and cortex from donors of several ages 85 58037 rds_file
ERP008967 Mapping embryonic stem cell surface interactions to transcriptional phenotypes 107 58037 rds_file
ERP009437 RNAseq of left ventricle heart tissue of 128 dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) cases 382 58037 rds_file
ERP009768 Human granulocyte transcriptome annotation and analysis reveals increased expression variability for lncRNAs compared to mRNAs in healthy individuals 58 58037 rds_file
ERP010142 Integrative systematic analyses of mutational and transcriptional profiles reveal driver mutations escalating the risk of distant metastasis in Korean breast cancers 78 58037 rds_file
ERP011411 Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma primary cultures enriched or not in cancer stem cells 148 58037 rds_file
GTEx_adipose_tissue GTEx adipose tissue 620 58037 rds_file
GTEx_adrenal_gland GTEx adrenal gland 159 58037 rds_file
GTEx_blood GTEx blood 595 58037 rds_file
GTEx_blood_vessel GTEx blood vessel 750 58037 rds_file
GTEx_bone_marrow GTEx bone marrow 102 58037 rds_file
GTEx_brain GTEx brain 1409 58037 rds_file
GTEx_breast GTEx breast 218 58037 rds_file
GTEx_colon GTEx colon 376 58037 rds_file
GTEx_esophagus GTEx esophagus 790 58037 rds_file
GTEx_heart GTEx heart 489 58037 rds_file
GTEx_liver GTEx liver 136 58037 rds_file
GTEx_lung GTEx lung 374 58037 rds_file
GTEx_muscle GTEx muscle 475 58037 rds_file
GTEx_nerve GTEx nerve 335 58037 rds_file
GTEx_ovary GTEx ovary 108 58037 rds_file
GTEx_pancreas GTEx pancreas 197 58037 rds_file
GTEx_pituitary GTEx pituitary 124 58037 rds_file
GTEx_prostate GTEx prostate 119 58037 rds_file
GTEx_salivary_gland GTEx salivary gland 70 58037 rds_file
GTEx_skin GTEx skin 974 58037 rds_file
GTEx_small_intestine GTEx small intestine 104 58037 rds_file
GTEx_spleen GTEx spleen 118 58037 rds_file
GTEx_stomach GTEx stomach 204 58037 rds_file
GTEx_testis GTEx testis 203 58037 rds_file
GTEx_thyroid GTEx thyroid 361 58037 rds_file
GTEx_uterus GTEx uterus 90 58037 rds_file
GTEx_vagina GTEx vagina 97 58037 rds_file
SRP000941 UCSD Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project 343 58037 rds_file
SRP001371 University of Washington Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project 163 58037 rds_file
SRP001540 Understaning mechanisms underlying human gene expression variation with RNA sequencing 160 58037 rds_file
SRP002079 Dynamic transcriptomes during neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells 62 58037 rds_file
SRP003611 Deep transcriptional sequencing analysis of human prostate adenocarcinoma and reference samples 52 58037 rds_file
SRP003754 GSE24565: ENCODE Cold Spring Harbor Labs Short RNA-seq 155 58037 rds_file
SRP004637 Transcriptome sequencing across a prostate cancer cohort identifies PCAT-1, an unannotated lincRNA implicated in disease progression (RNA-Seq data) 56 58037 rds_file
SRP006574 GSE28884: MicroRNA sequence and expression analysis in breast tumors by deep sequencing 243 58037 rds_file
SRP006575 Transcriptional profiling of lncRNAs and novel transcribed regions across a diverse panel of archived human cancers 111 58037 rds_file
SRP007461 GSE30567: Long RNA-seq from ENCODE/Cold Spring Harbor Lab 203 58037 rds_file
SRP007525 A Hybrid Mechanism of Action for BCL6 in B Cells Defined by Formation of Functionally Distinct Complexes at Enhancers and Promoters 181 58037 rds_file
SRP007825 Small RNA sequencing in normal and psoriatic skin 66 58037 rds_file
SRP009408 MicroRNA expression profiles in lung cancer tissues versus adjacent lung tissues using next-gen sequencing 62 58037 rds_file
SRP009862 GSE34448: RNA Subcellular CAGE Localization from ENCODE/RIKEN 71 58037 rds_file
SRP011546 Tracing pluripotency of human early embryos and embryonic stem cells by single cell RNA-seq 123 58037 rds_file
SRP012461 RNA-Seq Analysis Reveals Different Dynamics of Differentiation of Human Dermis- and Adipose-derived Stromal Stem Cells 384 58037 rds_file
SRP014320 GSE33480: RNA-seq from ENCODE/Caltech 104 58037 rds_file
SRP014428 Full-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cells 88 58037 rds_file
SRP014574 Whole genome and transcriptome sequencing of gastric cancers 53 58037 rds_file
SRP014830 Differential use of Alternative Transcripts in Breast Cancer Subsets 59 58037 rds_file
SRP015640 Comprehensive comparative analysis of RNA sequencing methods for degraded or low input samples 68 58037 rds_file
SRP015789 Allele-specific Methylation of Human Placental Tissue 120 58037 rds_file
SRP017575 Two New Stromal Signatures Stratify Breast Cancers with Different Prognosis 52 58037 rds_file
SRP018008 Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression 93 58037 rds_file
SRP018838 Single Cell RNA-Seq 62 58037 rds_file
SRP018853 Altered microRNA expression in individuals at high risk of type 1 diabetes 78 58037 rds_file
SRP019272 Genetic regulation of human adipose microRNA expression and its consequences for metabolic traits 361 58037 rds_file
SRP019994 Stratification of Leiomyosarcoma molecular subtypes by 3’’ end RNA-sequencing: Toward precision medicine 99 58037 rds_file
SRP020491 Changes in gene expression profiles of circulating B cells after influenza vaccination in healthy human subjects 54 58037 rds_file
SRP020492 Changes in PBMC gene expression profiles after influenza vaccination in healthy human subjects 53 58037 rds_file
SRP021193 Deep RNA Sequencing Reveals Dynamic Regulation of Myocardial Noncoding RNA in Failing Human Heart and Remodeling with Mechanical Circulatory Support 80 58037 rds_file
SRP022043 A blood based 12-miRNA signature of Alzheimer patients 70 58037 rds_file
SRP023262 A shared transcriptional program in early breast neoplasias despite genetic and clinical distinctions 80 58037 rds_file
SRP024274 Smoking Dysregulates the Human Airway Basal Cell Transcriptome at COPD-linked Risk Locus 19q13.2 52 58037 rds_file
SRP026042 Environmental factors transmitted by aryl hydrocarbon receptor influence severity of psoriatic skin inflammation [RNA-Seq] 84 58037 rds_file
SRP026126 The ABRF Next-Generation Sequencing Study (ABRF-NGS): Multi-platform and cross-methodological reproducibility of transcriptome profiling by RNA-seq [Illumina HiSeq 2500] 418 58037 rds_file
SRP026537 Transcriptional profiling of a breast cancer cell line panel using RNAseq technology 64 58037 rds_file
SRP027358 Transcriptome of Primitive Human Hematopoietic Cells: A New Resource to Find hHSC-Specific Genes 135 58037 rds_file
SRP027383 Whole transcriptome sequencing in 274 glioma patients reveals gene fusion profiling and novel candidate fusion genes 270 58037 rds_file
SRP028155 Transcriptomic analysis of ERR alpha orphan nuclear receptor 72 58037 rds_file
SRP028291 Micro-RNA sequencing from 78 adrenocortical carcinomas 77 58037 rds_file
SRP028301 Improved Smart-Seq for sensitive full-length transcriptome profiling in single cells 62 58037 rds_file
SRP028336 Large-scale multi-species survey of metabolome and lipidome 60 58037 rds_file
SRP028594 Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 1) 54 58037 rds_file
SRP029262 Global transcriptomic analysis of human pancreatic islets reveals novel genes influencing glucose metabolism [RNA-seq] 88 58037 rds_file
SRP029341 Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci) 154 58037 rds_file
SRP029880 Gene expression profiling study by RNA-seq in colorectal cancer 54 58037 rds_file
SRP030617 Quantitative assessment of single-cell RNA sequencing methods 112 58037 rds_file
SRP032775 Molecular Hallmarks of Naturally Acquired Immunity to Malaria 231 58037 rds_file
SRP033135 Pseudo-temporal ordering of individual cells reveals regulators of differentiation 383 58037 rds_file
SRP033248 MicroRNA Marker Based Prognostication of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma 68 58037 rds_file
SRP033266 Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 2) 144 58037 rds_file
SRP033393 Analysis of pre-mRNA splicing trans-regulation in human lymphoblastoid cell lines 73 58037 rds_file
SRP033566 Comparative RNA-sequencing analysis of myocardial and circulating small RNAs in human heart failure and their utility as biomarkers [small RNA-seq] 185 58037 rds_file
SRP033725 RNA-sequencing of the brain transcriptome implicates dysregulation of neuroplasticity, circadian rhythms, and GTPase binding in bipolar disorder 61 58037 rds_file
SRP034712 Characterization of differentiating adipose cells by high-throughput single-cell RNA-Seq 52 58037 rds_file
SRP035988 Transcriptome analysis of psoriasis in a large case-control sample: RNA-seq provides insights into disease mechanisms 178 58037 rds_file
SRP036848 RNAseq Analysis of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Prostate Cancer Tissues 105 58037 rds_file
SRP037775 mRNA profiling reveals determinants of trastuzumab efficiency in HER2-positive breast cancer 63 58037 rds_file
SRP039077 Gene expression analysis of airway epithelial cells exposed to flagellin via RNA-seq 60 58037 rds_file
SRP039397 High-resolution mapping reveals a conserved, widespread, dynamic meiotically regulated mRNA methylation program [Hs] 55 58037 rds_file
SRP040070 Transcriptomic analysis of the Novel Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) 131 58037 rds_file
SRP040288 Homo sapiens strain:K562 Transcriptome or Gene expression 96 58037 rds_file
SRP040472 Simultaneous Transcriptional profiling of Obligate Intracellular Pathogens and their Host Cells 285 58037 rds_file
SRP040547 Human and Toxoplasma gondii genetics and cellular/molecular interactions 200 58037 rds_file
SRP041036 RNAseq to investigate transcriptional changes in human MM cell lines due to panobinostat, 5-Azacytidine, panobinostat+5-Azacytidine or n-methyl-2-pyrroldine (NMP) treatments 60 58037 rds_file
SRP041471 4sUDRB-seq: measuring transcription elongation and initiation genomewide 313 58037 rds_file
SRP041538 Characterizing gene expression in lung tissue of COPD subjects using RNA-seq 187 58037 rds_file
SRP041675 Transcriptome data of CD34+ human cord blood-derived cell treated with UM171, SR1 or both 143 58037 rds_file
SRP041751 Direct Induction of Hematoendothelial Program in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells by Transcriptional Regulators 54 58037 rds_file
SRP041885 RNA expression profiling of human mPB or CB-derived CD34+ cells treated with UM171 at different doses 53 58037 rds_file
SRP042228 Core Ileal Transcriptome in Pediatric Crohn Disease 314 58037 rds_file
SRP042286 Transcriptome profiling in human T-ALL 54 58037 rds_file
SRP042596 Serial RNA-seq of a single human 72 58037 rds_file
SRP042620 Breast Cancer RNA-seq 167 58037 rds_file
SRP043108 The human skeletal muscle transcriptome – sex differences, alternative splicing and tissue homogeneity assessed with RNA sequencing 80 58037 rds_file
SRP043162 Fatal Asthma vs. Control Human Airway Smooth Muscle Transcriptome Changes in Response to Vitamin D or Albuterol 53 58037 rds_file
SRP043364 Human cortical transcriptome informs brain imaging 51 58037 rds_file
SRP044668 MRI-localized biopsies reveal subtype-specific differences in molecular and cellular composition at the margins of glioblastoma 93 58037 rds_file
SRP045352 Comparative Analysis of Transcriptional Responses in Monocytes from Human Neonates, Adults, and Older Adults 56 58037 rds_file
SRP045500 Next generation sequencing of human immune cell subsets across diseases 134 58037 rds_file
SRP045638 LIBD Human DLPFC Development 72 58037 rds_file
SRP045823 Dynamics of the human skeletal muscle transcriptome in response to exercise training - part 2 81 58037 rds_file
SRP045999 Generation of a Panel of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells From Chimpanzees: a Resource for Comparative Functional Genomics (RNA-Seq) 63 58037 rds_file
SRP047192 Quantitative profiling of long noncoding RNAs with targeted RNA sequencing 59 58037 rds_file
SRP047233 CHD8 regulates neurodevelopmental pathways associated with autism spectrum disorder in neural progenitors [RNA-Seq] 54 58037 rds_file
SRP047476 Impact of regulatory variation from RNA to protein 72 58037 rds_file
SRP048759 Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 3) 430 58037 rds_file
SRP048801 Ileal immune maturation in Pediatric Crohn’’s Disease 306 58037 rds_file
SRP049097 Profiling of three leiomyosarcoma molecular subtypes with RNA-sequencing 54 58037 rds_file
SRP049340 Integrative analyses of human reprogramming reveal dynamic nature of induced pluripotency [mRNA-Seq] 163 58037 rds_file
SRP049593 7q11.23 dosage-dependent dysregulation in the human pluripotent state primes aberrant transcriptional programs in disease-relevant lineages (RNAseq) 400 58037 rds_file
SRP049599 JunB control of keratinocyte-mediated inflammation [RNA-seq] 73 58037 rds_file
SRP049820 An Endotoxin Tolerance Signature Predicts Sepsis and Organ Dysfunction at Initial Clinical Presentation 83 58037 rds_file
SRP049988 Ets homologous factor regulates pathways controlling response to injury in Calu-3 airway epithelial cells [RNA-seq] 56 58037 rds_file
SRP050000 An integrated transcriptome and expressed variant analysis of sepsis survival and death 129 58037 rds_file
SRP050223 Characterization of a network of tumor suppressor microRNA’’s in T Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 400 58037 rds_file
SRP050272 Expression and Prognostic impact of LncRNAs in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 83 58037 rds_file
SRP050440 Transcriptional plasticity promotes primary and acquired resistance to BET bromodomain inhibition 62 58037 rds_file
SRP050499 The Transcriptome and DNA Methylome Landscapes of Human Primordial Germ Cells 327 58037 rds_file
SRP050892 Human pluripotent stem cell-derived neural constructs for predictive neurotoxicity screening 302 58037 rds_file
SRP050992 Single cell RNA-seq data of human hESCs to evaluate Oscope - a statistical pipeline for identifying oscillatory genes in unsynchronized single cell RNA-Seq 459 58037 rds_file
SRP051083 Transcriptome profiling of human lung cancer cell lines 159 58037 rds_file
SRP051472 Induction of circular RNA in fetal heart development recapitulated in in vitro differentiation 71 58037 rds_file
SRP051599 RNA-seq of human fibroblasts during normal aging and during aging with rotenone perturbation 60 58037 rds_file
SRP051688 A Cell-based Systems Biology Assessment of Human Blood to Monitor Immune Responses After Influenza Vaccination 56 58037 rds_file
SRP051844 mRNA-Seq Expression profiling of human post-mortem BA9 brain tissue for Huntington’s Disease and neurologically normal individuals 69 58037 rds_file
SRP051848 Gene Networks Specific for Innate Immunity Define Post-traumatic Stress Disorder [RNA-Seq] 187 58037 rds_file
SRP052740 RNAseq changes in pre MAPKi treatment and post MAPKi resistance Melanomas 168 58037 rds_file
SRP053101 Impact of bariatric surgery on RNA-seq gene expression profiles of adipose tissue in humans 87 58037 rds_file
SRP053246 Sperm RNA: A window to idiopathic infertile couples 72 58037 rds_file
SRP055153 Single mammalian cells compensate for differences in cellular volume and DNA copy number through independent global transcriptional mechanisms 98 58037 rds_file
SRP055390 Transcriptome analysis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells using RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) 51 58037 rds_file
SRP055513 A human fetal transcriptional atlas 111 58037 rds_file
SRP055514 Impact of bariatric surgery on RNA-seq gene expression profiles of peripheral monocytes in humans 75 58037 rds_file
SRP055810 Single-Cell RNA-seq Defines the Three Cell Lineages of the Human Blastocyst 86 58037 rds_file
SRP055918 Evaluating intra- and inter-individual variation in the human placental transcriptome 80 58037 rds_file
SRP056197 Leucegene: AML sequencing (part 4) 81 58037 rds_file
SRP056477 Distinct brain transcriptome profiles in c9orf72-associated and sporadic ALS 52 58037 rds_file
SRP056696 Next Generation Sequencing Identification of HBV-MLL4 integration and its molecular basis in Chinese hepatocellular carcinoma 53 58037 rds_file
SRP056733 Mycobacterial infection induces a specific human innate immune response 152 58037 rds_file
SRP056840 Renal systems biology of patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome 133 58037 rds_file
SRP057065 Dual RNA-seq – High-resolution comparative Dual RNA-seq time-course 51 58037 rds_file
SRP057196 A survey of human brain transcriptome diversity at the single cell level 461 58037 rds_file
SRP057205 Transcriptome Signature and Regulation in Human Somatic Cell Reprogramming 56 58037 rds_file
SRP057500 RNA-seq of tumor-educated platelets enables blood-based pan-cancer, multiclass and molecular pathway cancer diagnostics 288 58037 rds_file
SRP057758 RNA-seq in two ER+ breast cancer cell lines with and without progestins 191 58037 rds_file
SRP058181 mRNA-Seq expression and MS3 proteomics profiling of human post-mortem BA9 brain tissue for Parkinson Disease and neurologically normal individuals 73 58037 rds_file
SRP058773 Integrative analyses of human reprogramming reveal dynamic nature of induced pluripotency [smartseq2] 52 58037 rds_file
SRP058840 Integrative analyses of human reprogramming reveal dynamic nature of induced pluripotency [SCRB-Seq] 77 58037 rds_file
SRP058856 The apoptotic network and expression of BH3-containing proteins predict phenotypic response to BET bromodomain inhibitors 86 58037 rds_file
SRP059035 Single-cell RNA sequencing of lung adenocarcinoma patient-derived cells 200 58037 rds_file
SRP059039 Elucidating the etiology and molecular pathogenicity of infectious diarrhea by high throughput RNA sequencing 205 58037 rds_file
SRP059057 Transcriptome analysis of CD4+ T cells reveals imprint of BACH2 and IFN? regulation 73 58037 rds_file
SRP059172 Refining brucellosis diagnosis by blood transcriptional profiling 169 58037 rds_file
SRP059431 Perturbations of PIP3 signaling trigger a global remodeling of mRNA landscape and reveal a transcriptional feedback loop 74 58037 rds_file
SRP059458 Single-cell sequencing of cytokine-stimulated and non-stimulated MAIT cells 95 58037 rds_file
SRP059775 C1 analysis using mixtures of human (HEK) and mouse (3T3) cells 192 58037 rds_file
SRP059959 Long non-coding RNAs display higher natural expression variation than protein-coding genes in healthy humans 58 58037 rds_file
SRP060355 Transcriptomic variation of pharmacogenes in multiple human tissues and lymphoblastoid cell lines 94 58037 rds_file
SRP061240 Plasma extracellular RNA profiles in healthy and cancer patients 384 58037 rds_file
SRP061881 RNA-sequencing of cells derived from the site of inflammation of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis patients 56 58037 rds_file
SRP062025 Myelodysplastic syndromes are propagated by rare and distinct human cancer stem cells in vivo 73 58037 rds_file
SRP062966 SLE lupus RNA-seq 117 58037 rds_file
SRP063477 Effects of Age and Estrogen on Skeletal Gene Expression in Humans as Assessed by RNA Sequencing 50 58037 rds_file
SRP063493 Cancer associated SF3B1 hotspot mutations induce cryptic 3’ splice site selection through use of a different branch point 65 58037 rds_file
SRP063496 Gene expression of baseline biopsies from etrolizumab-treated ulcerative colitis (UC) patients 72 58037 rds_file
SRP063840 Single-cell transcriptome profiling for metastatic renal cell carcinoma patient-derived cells [RNA-seq] 121 58037 rds_file
SRP063867 Comparing isogenic pairs of hESC and hiPSC lines reveals genetic background and reprogramming method as primary sources of transcriptional variation 73 58037 rds_file
SRP064259 The Functional Genomic Landscape of Human Breast Cancer Drivers, Vulnerabilities, and Resistance (RNASeq) 81 58037 rds_file
SRP064464 Single-cell transcriptomics reveals unique features of human pancreatic islet cell subtypes 72 58037 rds_file
SRP065812 Long non-coding RNAs in psoriatic and healthy skin 52 58037 rds_file
TCGA_adrenal_gland TCGA adrenal gland 266 58037 rds_file
TCGA_bladder TCGA bladder 433 58037 rds_file
TCGA_bone_marrow TCGA bone marrow 126 58037 rds_file
TCGA_brain TCGA brain 707 58037 rds_file
TCGA_breast TCGA breast 1246 58037 rds_file
TCGA_cervix TCGA cervix 309 58037 rds_file
TCGA_colorectal TCGA colorectal 723 58037 rds_file
TCGA_esophagus TCGA esophagus 198 58037 rds_file
TCGA_eye TCGA eye 80 58037 rds_file
TCGA_head_and_neck TCGA head and neck 548 58037 rds_file
TCGA_kidney TCGA kidney 1030 58037 rds_file
TCGA_liver TCGA liver 424 58037 rds_file
TCGA_lung TCGA lung 1156 58037 rds_file
TCGA_ovary TCGA ovary 430 58037 rds_file
TCGA_pancreas TCGA pancreas 183 58037 rds_file
TCGA_pleura TCGA pleura 87 58037 rds_file
TCGA_prostate TCGA prostate 558 58037 rds_file
TCGA_skin TCGA skin 473 58037 rds_file
TCGA_soft_tissue TCGA soft tissue 265 58037 rds_file
TCGA_stomach TCGA stomach 453 58037 rds_file
TCGA_testis TCGA testis 156 58037 rds_file
TCGA_thymus TCGA thymus 122 58037 rds_file
TCGA_thyroid TCGA thyroid 572 58037 rds_file
TCGA_uterus TCGA uterus 646 58037 rds_file